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How It Works

The control system comes in the form of traps that are appropriately positioned to attract and kill the fruit fly.


To obtain optimum efficiency Wild May research has proven that four (4) traps per hectare (2.5 acres)

Many people prefer to make their own traps out of plastic drink bottles, etc. Or you may purchase ours.

The traps need to be placed upwind of the infected area preferably in shade. As the diagram below displays:

Fruit Fly Trap Placement








Pour the attractant into the base of trap to a minimum depth of 20mm

Hang traps upwind under shaded branch on the eastern side of tree 1.2 metres of the ground

Normally when the traps are introduced a large amount of flies are https://essaysbuy.net/essay-writing-service https://essaysbuy.net/essay-writing-service caught followed by decrease in numbers hopefully down to one or two flies per day. This is the first generation of fruit flies you have eradicated in your area. Remember that if you have fruit or vegetables in season at this time they will still be stung by the current generation of fertile females.

By leaving the traps in place when the next generation of fruit flies emerges from the ground the juvenile males will be attracted to the lure and eradicated in most cases before they become sexually mature. The female needs to mate before they sting your produce and if there are no males available to mate with they will leave the area in search of male fruit flies.

We have found that during our research that CONTINUOUS USE OF THE ATTRACTANT, throughout the year has dramatically reduced fruit fly strikes and in some cases completely eliminated them.

Hint: Keep out all year for optimum results.

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